Chocolate, Music and you......

Thursday 29 September 2016 12:22:00 p.m. Europe/London

22nd November 2016


Hi All

Here's a fascinating angle on chocolate and music!! **

Listening to different musical notes while eating chocolate can change how it tastes,
according to new research.

Food scientists at the University of Oxford have found they can alter the sensation of
creaminess in a piece of chocolate by playing different sounds to people as they eat.

A series of soft flute notes could make a piece of dark chocolate taste more creamy while
short, sharp notes plucked on a violin can make the same chocolate taste sharper or bitter.

The researchers are now working with a consortium of chocolatiers in Belgium to produce a
box of confectionary that can be eaten along with an accompanying soundtrack.

They claim chocoholics will be able to increase their enjoyment of the snacks by listening to
music and sounds that have been matched to them.

But, regardless of your taste in music, we've got something for you and your loved ones
right here at Lollypotz Ireland!!! It's all available right now at

Check us out on our Facebook or Twitter pages too.

Happy shopping!

from the team at Lollypotz Ireland

 ** Thanks to Irish Mirror for this great article!


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Some Easter info, special goodies and more

Monday 21 March 2016 12:07:00 p.m. Europe/London

22 March 2016 

Hi All

If you're wondering why Easter is so early this year, kids on school break by St Patricks Day and so on, there's a fairly simple reason.

While many festivals are on fixed days, Easter is a movable feast and is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon on or after 21 March because it is based on the lunar calendar.

So the date of Easter can vary by as much as one full lunar month! Now you know….

Early or not, there are some fantastic Easter goodies out there. How about Cadbury’s Creme Egg-flavoured peanut butter? or Cadbury’s Crème SCOTCH Eggs?

Thanks to brilliant detective work from Sive O’Brien at for these!

Here at Lollypotz Ireland, we’ve got a superb range of chocolate bouquets which will make beautiful gifts for many occasions, not just Easter! Check us out online here, and we've got lots more custom-made designs on our Facebook page.


Happy shopping!

Lollypotz Ireland




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The Irish connection to St Valentine's Day

Friday 29 January 2016 3:02:00 p.m. Europe/London

29th January 2016

We all know and love Valentine's Day, with its history of romance and gift-giving. However, not everybody knows the Irish connection to St Valentine!

St Valentine was a real person, who died in Rome on 14th February in the year 269 AD. (You can read a full account here, in the section "The Legend of Saint Valentine".) 

There's a shrine to St Valentine, containing some of his remains In the magnificent Whitefriars Church on Aungier Street in Dublin, 

Shrine of St. Valentine, Whitefriars Church, Aungier Street, Dublin

RTE made a fascinating radio documentary, "Valentine's Bones", about the people who visit the shrine, and their requests for health, romance, exam success and much more. You can access the documentary here.

You can also view the beautiful church and shrine in this Youtube video: Whitefriar Church, Aungier Street, Dublin,

Once you've done all that, head over to our fabulous range of chocolate bouquets and chocolate gifts for Valentine's Day. Just click on St Valentines Day 2016  to purchase a beautiful chocolate bouquet  for your loved one.

Happy Shopping!

Lollypotz Ireland




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Great ideas for Corporate Gifts!

Friday 29 January 2016 2:33:00 p.m. Europe/London

29th January 2016


 Hi everybody

Did you know that , along with the beautiful chocolate bouquets available on our website, Lollypotz Ireland custom-makes chocolate bouquets for all kinds of businesses?

Here are just three of the corporate gifts we have recently helped create for local companies.

1.  The lovely people at Slimming World asked us to design a chocolate bouquet as a  raffle prize, featuring their new low calorie treat, the Hi-Fi Roly Poly and Custard Bar... and here it is!


Slimming World Sligo


We think that it would also make a super present for a friend who's counting calories, as it wouldn't break their New Year resolution or diet.

2.  Here's a lovely idea from Enchanted Bride Boutique: each new bride receives a charming chocolate bouquet when they pick up their wedding dress!

 Enchanted Bride Boutique gift bouquet





3.  Last but not least, we love these chocolate bouquets, created for inTandem Web Design in their corporate colours and using their own logo and branding on the ribbon. When a new company website goes live, the client receives this beautiful "thank-you" gift!


InTandem Corporate Bouquet (large)


We're proud to supply corporate gifts to Slimming World Sligo City Hotel,  Enchanted Bride Boutique,  InTandem Web Design and others; you can see these and lots more custom-made designs on our Facebook page. 

While you're there, head over to our fabulous display of Valentines gifts, and click on St Valentines Day 2016  to purchase a beautiful present for  a loved one.

Happy Shopping!

Lollypotz Ireland




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Chocolate, Wreaths and Christmas

Friday 4 December 2015 1:36:11 p.m. Europe/London

4th December 2015

Did you know that wreaths have been used as decorations much longer than Christmas trees?

Historically,pre-Christian cultures placed great importance on the December celebration of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The wreath's circle or ring shape symbolised eternal life, because the shape has no beginning or end. The wreath also represents the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter.

In modern times, the wreath has evolved into a sign of welcome and holiday cheer for the Christmas season. So now you know….

Speaking of wreaths, we’ve made a beautiful chocolate wreath, featuring Ferrero Rocher and milk chocolate stars, for the entire family to share. We think it makes a sensational table decoration for Christmas Day.You can see this and our other brilliant Christmas gifts at Lollypotz Ireland Christmas range.

Nobody does chocolate bouquets and chocolate gifts like Lollypotz, and with delivery across Ireland and the UK, your Christmas shopping is sorted!

Happy shopping! 


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And our latest news is...

Monday 30 November 2015 11:14:00 a.m. Europe/London


30th November 2015

Hi everybody:

First, we’re delighted to announce that in October, we celebrated our first year of business in Ireland! A massive thank-you to all our loyal customers.  We're looking forward to another year of providing you with beautiful chocolate bouquets as gifts for all occasions.


Paul McEachearn, Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Eambassy


Earlier this month, the team at Lollypotz Ireland were honoured to meet Paul McEachearn, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Australian Embassy in Ireland.  As part of their regional outreach activities, Australian Embassy staff travelled around the country, to meet with Australian and Australian connected businesses, and build a regionally balanced analysis of those businesses in Ireland.  It was great to hear first hand of the efforts both countries are making to attract Australian business, along with the Irish diaspora in Australia back to Ireland.

Finally, we’ve released our Christmas range for 2015; it’s available online here at Lollypotz Ireland Christmas range. Happy shopping!


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You Can Have Your Cake And Chocolate Bouquet too

Monday 3 August 2015 11:14:00 a.m. Europe/London

Hi Chocolate Lovers:

Not that you need an excuse to enjoy dark chocolate, but did you know that dark chocolate contains lots of antioxidants which help your cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure? **

We've had a fantastic reaction to a recently added Lollypotz Chocolate Bouquet, Dark and Delicious, featuring Cadbury Bourneville Chocolate. It's a beautiful gift for lovers of dark chocolate and is available at €30 plus delivery.

On the subject of dark chocolate, here's a brilliant recipe from Paris in 2009. I've used this recipe many times since, it's never failed me once!



Yield: 8 servings

Great for dinner parties: these can be made the morning (or day) before and kept in the fridge, ready for popping into the oven for the dessert course.


8 small ramekins, or similar moulds

Unsalted butter (softened) and cocoa powder, for the moulds

180 g bittersweet chocolate (70% pure)

1 packet white chocolate discs

180 g unsalted butter cut into pieces

180 g raw sugar

90g all-purpose flour

6 large eggs, lightly beaten

Method: 1. Generously butter, then coat with cocoa powder the bottom and sides of moulds. (Tip: Put a large spoon of cocoa powder into the mould, then rotate it to coat the inside. Do this over the next mould to reduce mess and spilled cocoa). Set aside.

.2. Melt the chocolate. Place the chocolate and the cut butter in the top of a double boiler set over gently simmering water. Stir frequently and remove from the heat before all the pieces have melted. The residual heat will melt the remaining pieces. Set aside to cool.

3. In a separate bowl, combine the raw sugar and the flour.

4. Slowly add the chocolate mixture into the sugar/flour bowl. When well mixed, add the beaten eggs a little bit at a time.

5. Pour the batter into the prepared moulds, and insert a white chocolate disc into each one. Place them on a baking sheet, and refrigerate for an hour to firm up the butter. (Very important: it's the secret to getting the lava effect)

6. Preheat the oven to 180 C

7. Place the baking sheet in the centre of the oven and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. The cakes should be sponge on top, and slightly undercooked in the centre.

8. Unmould the cakes onto individual dessert plates and serve with cream or vanilla icecream..

 That's all for now; thanks for helping Lollypotz share the love!

  Lollypotz Ireland

** DeNoon, Daniel. "Dark Chocolate Is Healthy Chocolate."  April 15, 2014.

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Fathers Day special

Monday 8 June 2015 7:29:27 p.m. Europe/London

Father’s Day is on 21 June this year; in Ireland it’s always celebrated on the third Sunday in June, the same day as Cuba, Tunisia, Paraguay and 72 other countries.

It’s always worth checking out the amazing presents available to buy Dad on Fathers Day. Our personal favourite is the ‘Portable Briefcase Barbecue,’ a 100% portable grilling machine, in stainless steel with a charcoal pit, no less. Never again will Dad have to turn up to someone else’s house and miss out on the full barbeque experience!

Then, there are always the stock favourites of socks, jocks and soap on a rope. 

Our Oscar for duff-present giving goes to the unfortunate Dad who scored a full barbeque set; spatula, apron, gloves and so on. The only problem was that he didn’t actually own a barbecue. (Although we do know where he could pick up a portable one!)

It’s time to buck the trend and get Dad something he will really enjoy this Father’s Day – a Chocolate Bouquet from Lollypotz.  To help Dad out, Lollypotz Ireland is offering four Potz from our Father’s Day range at a huge 20% off our normal retail price.

Of course, this offer is not just limited to Dads on Father’s Day. Our chocolate bouquets will be a massive hit with any man in your life, be they partner, relation or friend. (And, just quietly, we know a few women who wouldn’t mind receiving one either). 

Order online before the end of June 2015* and you’ll pay just €24 plus delivery** on our popular chocolate bouquets, Time For a BreakLoving Mars and He’s My Hero. We are also offering 20% off our brand new Lollypotz, Dark and Delicious, featuring Cadbury Bourneville Chocolate. This striking addition to our range is for lovers of dark chocolate and is also on sale at €24 plus delivery.**

You can view our entire Father’s Day range by clicking here.

Thanks for helping Lollypotz share the love!

* Discount applies only to online orders and is available up until twelve noon on Tuesday 30 June 2015.

** Discount only applies to product cost; discount does not apply to delivery fees.


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3 times as many Chocolate Bouquets? Here's an idea...

Friday 30 January 2015 5:20:13 a.m. Europe/London

Make their day with a Chocolate Bouquet


Would you like to receive more Chocolate Bouquets this year? Here's one idea from Japan...

In Japan, Valentine's Day is normally observed by girls and women, who present either store-bought or handmade chocolate gifts to their partners as an expression of love, courtesy, or social obligation.

On White Day (14th March), the reverse happens: men who received  chocolate gifts on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favour. The term sanbai gaeshi ( 'triple the return') describes the custom that the return gift is two to three times the worth of the Valentine's gift.

Don't worry ladies, you won't have to head to Narita just yet!! You've heaps of reasons to receive another Chocolate Bouquet (or two, or three) throughout the year.. How about St Patricks day, Easter, birthday, I love you, anniversary, thank you, congratulations, good luck ... and that's just for starters. So start dropping hints now. Just get one for him first and you're set.

There's still time to check out our fabulous Valentine's Day range of Chocolate Bouquets online at, or in person at Lollypotz Ireland, 10 O'Connell Street, Sligo. To ensure delivery, make sure you order online well before our cutoff dates.

 Happy shopping!

(For more details check out )

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The Irish love for Chocolate prompts Lollypotz move to Ireland

Friday 23 January 2015 5:16:45 p.m. Europe/London



The Irish love for Chocolate prompts Lollypotz move to Ireland

Lollypotz has grown from strength to strength since it was founded in Australia in 2009. When Lollypotz decided to expand its franchise operation of custom made chocolate bouquets and gifts to the Northern Hemisphere, Ireland was an obvious first choice.


Research proved that the Irish love their chocolate, with the country regularly coming close to the top of the table for the highest consumption of chocolate per head of population.


In 2006, Ireland had the highest consumption of chocolate in the world, with 11.2kg of chocolate being consumed per person.* With the average bar of chocolate weighing 43 grams, that’s a whopping 260 bars consumed per person.


By 2012, Ireland had slipped to second in the chocolate consumption charts, with the Swiss consuming 11.9 kg of chocolate per person, and the Irish consuming a more modest 9.9 kg per person.


This compares with other countries such as the UK (9.5 kg per person), Germany (8.2 kg per person), Australia (5.9 kg per person) and the United States (5.5 kg per person).


So why is chocolate so popular in Ireland? One theory is the quality of the ingredients used by the manufacturers, with many taking advantage of Ireland’s world renowned dairy industry. Another is simply that, while the weather can be bleak outside (at times), there is nothing like curling up in front of the fire with some quality chocolate.


At Lollypotz, we will always be happy to meet the needs of all Irish chocolate lovers, with custom made chocolate bouquets and gifts to suit any taste or obsession.

*All figures taken from articles published by

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